Vast playground, well ventilated assembly area and spacious classrooms.Modern kindergarten featuring landscapes, play court and swings.Well equipped library with educational CDs and books.Ultramodern computer laboratory equipped with the latest hardware and educational software seperate for seniour and junior wings.Well equipped, modern science lab for Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Music Room / Dancing Room.Close monitoring of school activities through CCTV. Audio – visual room.Language Labs. Art and Craft rooms with an ambience to develop creativity. Mathematics Labs to understand most abstract concepts in playway.Auditorium with a seating capacity of 250.State of the Art Activity lab with seating capacity of 200.


Our school Dharam Samaj Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School has also well-equipped Library dedicated to students of different age groups. Its extensive collections of books, journals, electronic media, including magazines in English, and Hindi will focus on providing an excellent reference environment. Children, librarian and teachers are always seeking ways to improve their literature programs and after-school activities, and they will find just what they need in Leading Kids to Books through Crafts. Library is also well equipped with the books related to current status of India as well as other countries of the world.

Chemistry Lab

We are here greeted by the pungent smell of Ammonia, which is a testimony of a very active Chemistry Lab. Under the strict and alert vigilance of teachers and assistant, students perform various tests and analysis of salt and solution. The Chemistry Lab is spacious enough for every individual student to perform experiments as each student is provided with separate set of apparatus for experiments. The lab is fully equipped with chemicals and apparatus as per the CBSE syllabus and guidelines. The Chemistry Lab is well ventilated with proper disposal of poisonous gases.

Computer Lab

The campus has separate computer labs for sr. students as well as jr. Students. These labs are accessible to students during school hours with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software to cater to the requirements of the students, teachers and the curriculum. The lab caters to the students learning C++ in classes XI and XII and students of class IX learning Oracle database programming, HTML and DHTML for classes VI to VIII, basics for primary classes.

Cultural Activities

Dharam Samaj Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School emphasises on the overall development of the student and extracurricular activities play vital role for the same. Cultural activities lead the development of many important soft skills such as resource management, public speaking, morals, ethics and many more. The campus is well equipped with the necessary state of art and infrastructure to facilitate all types of cultural activities. The list of the Events is as follows: Music :- Solo Song , Duet Song , Group Song, Classical Vocal, Classical Instrumental Dance :- Solo Dance, Group Dance, Folk Dance Theatre :- Drama ,Skit, Mime, Mimicry Literacy Event :- Debate , Elocution Fine Arts :- On the spot painting, Collage, Cartooning, Rangoli In various events, the students of Dharam Samaj Bal Mandir Sr. Sec. School have tried their best to prove that they are well aware of their social & moral responsibilities. The issues like Exploitation in Education, Importance of Morals & Ethics, Patriotism, Communal Riots, Need for Global Citizenship, Environmental Issues etc. are smartly covered in different dramatic events. The dancing events based on various themes are presented in a touchy way.

Physics Lab

In this large building, school also has a Physics lab providing all the equipments for all the experiments as per the syllabus of Senior Secondary Board of CBSE Board. Lab has the capacity of 50 students. It is also well equipped with digital apparatus with latest techonology – NPN Transister, PN Junction Diode and Zenar Diode etc.


Playing game is the most important part of our life .It is an activity that involves individual and group. It provides us entertainment. It makes us strong both physically and mentally. When we become mentally fresh, we can do our other workes properly. Game helps to keep our body fit and healthy. So the players always look handsome. If we don’t take part in any game or do any exercise, we become mentally tired and cannot work properly. Game teaches us leadership, team spirit and sportsmanship. It teaches us to be disciplined. A disciplined person can progress a lot more than the other. Our school facilitates indoor games as well as outdoor games. Students enjoy badminton, carom, chess and table tennis. School has state level Table Tennis Robotic Academy where students practise table tennis during school and after school too. School also facilitates out door games like cricket, basket ball, kabaddi and athletics. School also provides Basket Ball Academy for the students after school.

Biology Lab

The campus also has a biology lab with a very colourful and panormic view of models on human anatomy, insect cycle and many other topics made by our students under the guidance of our teachers. There is a plethora of specimens in jars and also charts to be used for teaching. Also we have a projection microscope in which the image formed by the microscope is projected onto a bigger screen which enables many students to see at the same line thereby conserving time in the classes